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Find A Helpline
Find A Helpline widget & API

Free emotional support, on your website or app

A global suicide prevention solution for the digital era

Bridge users experiencing distress or a mental health crisis to immediate help, wherever they are in the world.

Social networks

Ensure users in crisis are safe and supported

News media

Safely report on suicide and mental health

Wellbeing websites

Connect visitors to free, immediate support

Why use helpline referrals?

Helplines, also known as hotlines or crisis call centres, provide immediate, emotional support by text (sms), web chat (instant message) or voice call. They are a free and accessible way for people to get help with distressing feelings, thoughts of suicide, abusive situations, depression or grief. They are commonly staffed by people who are trained to help in moments of crisis, and can reduce feelings of being a burden and increase hope, which can lower the risk of suicide.

Helplines are a key strategy for suicide prevention online and are used by major social networks, news media and wellbeing websites, all over the world.

What is the Find A Helpline widget?

A plugin that places a small Find A Helpline user interface on your website or app.

What is the Find A Helpline API?

A white-labelled data integration that enables you to recommend the most relevant helplines to people in your user interface.

What's under the hood?

We've built the largest and most reliable helpline dataset in the world – so you don't have to. We provide over 1,600 services in 60 countries, and are continually expanding our coverage.

Standard helpline lists
Find A Helpline Widget

Minimal coverage

Global coverage

Manual upkeep

Set and forget

Random list of helplines

Filtering to find the right support

Not actionable, a barrier to help

Clear contact button

Information overload

Concise and informative

No impact measurement

Measurable impact

Want to refer users to helplines in your UI?

Yes, there's an API for that.

Talk to us about the API
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Find A Helpline

Are you or someone else in immediate danger?

Deploy a global suicide prevention solution, in minutes

Simply paste one tiny code snippet into your page or app, and the widget appears.

Users can start accessing help immediately.

Let's connect the dots and save lives.

Talk with us about integrating the Find A Helpline widget or API into your website or app.

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