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find a helpline
Connect your users to free mental health help, in seconds.

With the Find A Helpline embeddable widget & API, you can bridge users experiencing distress or a mental health crisis to the most relevant help for them – wherever they are in the world.

It’s an all-in-one solution for news agencies, social media, wellbeing apps and mental health organizations.

  • Automatically up-to-date

  • Verified helplines, no broken links

  • Helpline matching, one-click contact

  • Quick & easy to set up

News Media

Easily fulfil your responsibilities on best practice suicide reporting.

Social & Wellbeing Apps

Ensure users in crisis are safe and supported.

Mental health organizations

Quickly connect visitors to help, right from your website.

Test the Find a Helpline widget below:
find a helpline

Struggling? Talk to a real person, for free.

Are you or someone else in immediate danger?

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