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Arabian- ja Englanninkielinen Kriisipuhelin


About Arabian- ja Englanninkielinen Kriisipuhelin

Arabian- ja Englanninkielinen Kriisipuhelin is dedicated to providing free, compassionate and confidential support over phone. We are here to help everyone in Finland who may be looking for support with abuse & domestic violence, anxiety, bullying, Dementia & Alzheimer's, depression, eating & body image, family issues, gambling, gender & sexual identity, grief & loss, loneliness, parenting, pregnancy & abortion, relationships, school or work issues, self-harm, sexual abuse, stress, substance use, suicide, supporting a friend or family member, physical illness, trauma & PTSD.

We are available to talk with you about any kind of experience relating to mental health, from a mental health crisis through to general wellbeing. Our support is free. We are dedicated to preventing suicide. If you're contemplating suicide or you're worried about warning signs in someone else, please reach out to us for help.

When you reach out to us you will talk with one of our trained and supportive counselors or volunteers who have experience in how to help people with similar experiences to your own. They will listen, express empathy and understanding, and assist you to find a way through your situation. Anyone can call and receive free support. We exist to help everyone regardless of age, gender, beliefs or ethnicity.

Where is Arabian- ja Englanninkielinen Kriisipuhelin available?

Available nationwide in Finland

Who does Arabian- ja Englanninkielinen Kriisipuhelin support?

All topics and everyone

Accessibility notes

Crisis helpline in English & Arabic for everyone living in Finland. Finnish crisis helpline (+3589) 2525-0111 (24/7) Swedish crisis helpline, (+3589) 2525-0112 (on Mon, Wed at 16-20, Tue, Thu and Fri at 9-13) WhatsApp (040) 195-8202

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