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男士热线 Harmony House Man Hotline


About 男士热线 Harmony House Man Hotline

我們是為在香港遭受家庭暴力的男性提供幫助的熱線。 我們相信社會中隱藏著很多需要幫助的男性,我們相信在家庭暴力的情況下,男性也會感受到來自伴侶的威脅。

English translation: We are helpline for men experiencing domestic violence in Hong Kong. We believe that there are many men in need hidden in society, and we believe that in the case of domestic violence, men will also feel threatened by their partners.

Where is 男士热线 Harmony House Man Hotline available?

Available nationwide in Hong Kong

Who does 男士热线 Harmony House Man Hotline support?

Men, adults, lgbtq+, and seniors

What can I talk to 男士热线 Harmony House Man Hotline about?

Accessibility notes

Break time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 6:00p.m to 7:00 p.m.

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