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LBH APIK Helpline

+62 813 8882 2669


About LBH APIK Helpline

Hotline WhatsApp LBH APIK Jakarta hadir untuk memberikan bantuan hukum bagi perempuan dan anak pencari keadilan. LBH APIK Jakarta menyediakan konsultasi dan layanan bantuan hukum bagi korban dan penyintas kekerasan berbasis gender, serta bisa mengarahkan korban kepada rumah aman dan layanan lain sesuai kebutuhan.

LBH APIK Jakarta's WhatsApp Hotline is available to provide legal aid for women and children seeking for justice. We provide legal consultation and other legal assistance for women and children victims of gender based violence. We can also help connect to other assistance, such as psychological assistance and medical assistance.

Where is LBH APIK Helpline available?

Available nationwide in Indonesia

Who does LBH APIK Helpline support?

Women and children

What languages does LBH APIK Helpline support?


What can I talk to LBH APIK Helpline about?

Abuse & domestic violence
Sexual abuse

Accessibility notes

We are also available offline at our office.

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