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About Lifeline

Is there anyone out there that I can turn to for comfort and hope during hard days? Yes, there is: Lifeline is a Christian helpline where you can talk to someone who listens to you and cares about how you are feeling right now, regardless of your own faith.

We who answer Lifeline's helpline are fellow Christians from different denominations who work entirely on a voluntary basis to support people with conversations, intercession (if you wish) and support. We are aimed at you who suffer from various forms of mental illness, loneliness and hopelessness. You may remain completely anonymous, we have a duty of confidentiality.

Sometimes it can be nice to email instead - you can email us at [email protected] .

Where is Lifeline available?

Available nationwide in Sweden

Who does Lifeline support?

Everyone, faith-based, and all topics

What languages does Lifeline support?

English and Swedish

Accessibility notes

chat: [email protected] 24/7

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