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Mawjoudin For Equality (We exist)



About Mawjoudin For Equality (We exist)

The intiative Mawjoudin (We exist) for Equality is a Queer organisation based in Tunisia. We support LGBTIQ+ people and LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, with psychological support, guidance and referrals to other support organizations. We are open to all ages and genders. We speak english, arabic and french.

Mawjoudin offers counseling in person and online. We counsel people on different topics related to their sexual orientation, gender identitiy and expression. We also provide mental health support when ti comes to coming out, surviving violence, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety…

If you can’t reach us please make sure to leave a message so we can get back to you.

Where is Mawjoudin For Equality (We exist) available?

Available nationwide in Tunisia

Who does Mawjoudin For Equality (We exist) support?


What languages does Mawjoudin For Equality (We exist) support?

Arabic, English, and French

What can I talk to Mawjoudin For Equality (We exist) about?

Accessibility notes

+216 52 607 080 helpline for LGBTIQ+ people in Tunisia

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