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About New Jersey Hopeline

Through our hotline, chat, email, and text services, our goal at the New Jersey Suicide Prevention Hopeline is to lessen the amount of distress you are currently experiencing and work collaboratively with you to develop a resolution to whatever stressors prompted you to contact us.

In addition to providing supportive and caring listening, we provide referrals and connections to mental health treatment services and resources that can help you address housing, employment, or financial difficulties if needed. While we cannot meet you face to face, we can connect you to services and providers who can.

Our services are anonymous and confidential. We may ask for some personal information, but only as of means of better understanding you and addressing your needs.

For example, we will ask your age so we can better understand your general stage of life and the developmental challenges that may be contributing to your stress levels. And we will inquire about your general location so that we are able to identify local resources and referrals if together we should determine that you need them.

However, should you choose to decline to share any of these details, we will still continue to provide assistance to the best of our ability.

If you give us permission to share anything that you have told us, we can involve others to help support you and keep you safe, disclosing to them only as much as you are comfortable sharing.

If there is imminent danger to yourself or others and more cooperative, less restrictive methods to lessen that danger have failed, we may disclose some of what you shared with us to emergency services to assist in maintaining your safety.

Finally, if we receive a court order we are obligated to disclose the minimum amount of information necessarily to comply with that order.

Where is New Jersey Hopeline available?

Available in United States

Who does New Jersey Hopeline support?

All topics and everyone

What languages does New Jersey Hopeline support?


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