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Rozan Counseling Help Line (RCHL)


About Rozan Counseling Help Line (RCHL)

Rozan Counseling Help Line (RCHL) provides non-judgmental and confidential space to young people, women and children where they can call and share their concerns related to emotional, sexual and reproductive health, Violence Against Women (VAW) and girls and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). Along with telephonic counseling, RCHL also provides in-person and email counseling services. Rozan also organizes counseling camps in the communities.

Where is Rozan Counseling Help Line (RCHL) available?

Available nationwide in Pakistan

Who does Rozan Counseling Help Line (RCHL) support?


What languages does Rozan Counseling Help Line (RCHL) support?


Accessibility notes

Helpline is available 09:00-15:00 during Ramadan. Alternative mobile number (standard charges apply): 0304-111-1741. Non-immediate e-mail counseling is available via: [email protected]

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