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A Safe Place 24 Hour Crisis Line


About A Safe Place 24 Hour Crisis Line

Our 24/7 Crisis and Shelter Intake Line is a safe place for anyone to call. Whether you are navigating domestic abuse, family violence or concerned about a loved one who may be experiences these things, we are here to listen. The crisis counselor who answers your call will listen without judgement, answer your questions, and provide emotional support. If you need to stay with us, they will work with you to support your safe arrival to shelter, or will provide support around safety planning and connections to other resources. If you need help with sheltering from violence, we have a 35-bed residential facility that provides a safe, secure environment for women and children to support their transition to longer term community supports. More than a bed, A Safe Place provides essential needs and a wide range of client-centred supports that allow women to permanently break free from domestic violence.

Where is A Safe Place 24 Hour Crisis Line available?

Available in Canada

Who does A Safe Place 24 Hour Crisis Line support?

Everyone, women, and seniors

What languages does A Safe Place 24 Hour Crisis Line support?


Accessibility notes

Alternative number: 1-877-252-7233

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