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find a helpline
We're putting every free mental health helpline in the world at your fingertips.
Helplines exist the world over, but finding the right one for you remains difficult. We’re set on changing that.

Find A Helpline is a free tool that connects people to the most relevant mental health helpline for them, wherever they are in the world.

By the end of 2020, Find A Helpline will be available in every English speaking country in the world.

Find A Helpline is also available as a widget to easily embed on your website.


Match with need-specific support, in seconds.


Works just like you would expect.


Verified helpline information, no broken links.

Built by Live For Tomorrow, a registered charity using technology to support mental health.

We're a small team motivated by our own and other's experiences of mental health, and a deep frustration of how hard it can be to access help when you’re struggling.

We want to make it easier for everyone to receive human support, when and where they need it.

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Helpline criteria

We only include helplines that meet three simple criteria, ensuring a trustworthy and reliable service for all.

No barriers. 100% free for everyone.

Confidential help from a human.

Immediate emotional support.

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Our partners include social media platforms, technology companies, influencers, academics, not-for-profits and helplines.