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Struggling with loneliness? Reach out to a helpline for free, confidential support.

Everyone goes through lonely patches. If you've been feeling lonely for a long time, you may be worried about whether it will ever end.

Loneliness looks different for everyone, but some common experiences of loneliness include...

Common experiences of loneliness

  • Feeling disconnected from everyone else.
  • Connecting with people on a shallow level only.
  • A lack of close friends.
  • Feeling that nobody "gets" you.
  • Feeling unseen or unheard by others.
  • Loss of confidence.
  • Increased feelings of stress or anxiety.
  • Feeling fatigued and low in energy.
  • Finding it hard to relate to others.
  • Wanting to connect with others but feeling held back by social anxiety.
  • Feeling hopeless, like you'll be lonely forever.
  • Feeling worthless and full of self-doubt.

Quality connections make all the difference

Nobody is immune to loneliness, not even social butterflies. When loneliness is experienced for a long time, it's usually because you're not connecting with others on a deep level. People were made to experience meaningful connections, so when we feel disconnected from others, it can have a negative impact on our wellbeing.

Getting support

If you're experiencing loneliness, taking the first step to ask for support may feel daunting. If you find it difficult to reach out to people, you may be reluctant to contact a helpline. You may not be sure what to expect or whether you'll be understood. However, when you call a helpline, you'll be connected with someone who truly wants to understand your experience and who can offer you the support you need.

For free and confidential support with experiences of loneliness, consider contacting a helpline today.

Illustration of a woman throwing a lifebuoy to a distressed person, symbolizing providing a lifeline for people in crisis
Finding a helpline for Loneliness

Helplines are available in most countries, and through Find A Helpline we connect you to them for free.

To use Find A Helpline, select your country, and then choose the topic you want to talk about – e.g. "Loneliness". You will be shown the most relevant helplines for you in your location.

If you like, you can filter your results based on who you want to talk to (volunteers, counselors or peers), how you want to talk to them (phone, text, or webchat) and whether you want a helpline with a certain specialty (e.g. LGBTQ+).

This way, you can find the right helpline for you, available at the time you need it.

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