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Alkolinjen Helpline

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About Alkolinjen Helpline

Alkolinjen hjælper mennesker, der har alkoholrelaterede problemer, eller som er tæt på en person, der drikker for meget. Vores rådgivere lytter til både drikkende og pårørende. Intet problem er for lille til at tale med os om. Vi er her for at lytte og guide dig til at tage det næste skridt for at få hjælp.

English translation: Alkolinjen helps people who have alcohol-related problems or who are close to a person who drink to much. Our counselors listen to both drinkers and relatives. No problem is too small to talk to us about. We’re here to listen and guide you to take the next step to getting help.

Where is Alkolinjen Helpline available?

Available nationwide in Denmark

Who does Alkolinjen Helpline support?


What languages does Alkolinjen Helpline support?

Danish and English

What can I talk to Alkolinjen Helpline about?

Substance use

Accessibility notes

For SMS support: Send an SMS with the text ALKOHOL to 1231, and a counselor will call you.

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