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About Blijf Groep

Blijf Groep helps to stop domestic violence. We offer assistance to all involved: victims, children, witnesses and perpetrators. Our aim is to stop the violence and create safety through customized support. Blijf Group offers both help at home as crisis shelters and residential support. We also offer an extensive support through groups for children, teenagers and adults. We also provide a Telephone Helpline for people who need help of advice. Blijf Group has locations in North Holland and Flevoland.

About our method: the first step in a support process is always your safety and – if present – the safety of your children. If the situation is unsafe, we will act immediately. By calling the police or arranging a shelter. Together with you we decide what the next steps should be. An outreaching assistance program? A shelter facility? If possible, we prefer to help you in your own home. Where you have your social contacts, your work and your children’s school and friends.

Our aim is always to permanently stop the violence. That is why we do not only focus on you, but on all members of the family, including the perpetrator of the violence. Together we try to gain insight into the underlying patterns of violence. We make a Safety plan with you on your terms that ensures everyone’s safety as much as possible.

Where is Blijf Groep available?

Available in Netherlands

Who does Blijf Groep support?

Adults, children, and women

What languages does Blijf Groep support?


What can I talk to Blijf Groep about?

Accessibility notes

The chat is available every working day between 13 -15 hours.

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