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GROOTS Trinidad & Tobago



About GROOTS Trinidad & Tobago

GROOTS T &T helpline service is available 24 hours per day. We are an inclusive grassroots NGO that provides psychosocial counseling and transitional housing for vulnerable groups in the areas of D&G-BV, HIV/AIDS, SRHR, mental health issues, and the empowerment of rural grassroots women. We also provide referrals via our counsellors as well as peer to peer contact. and ofrece partner helpline organizados.

Where is GROOTS Trinidad & Tobago available?

Available nationwide in Trinidad and Tobago

Who does GROOTS Trinidad & Tobago support?

Adults, lgbtq+, and youth

What languages does GROOTS Trinidad & Tobago support?


Accessibility notes

NGO that offers Psychosocial Counselling & Transition Housing for Key & Vulnerable Populations in areas of D&G-BV, HIV & AIDS, SRHR, Mental Health Issues and rural grassroots women's empowerment.

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