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NACADA Toll Free Helpline


About NACADA Toll Free Helpline

The NACADA Toll Free Helpline (1192) is a National Toll-free line available in Kenya. It provides its services to everyone who seeks support on issues related to alcohol and drug abuse, persons struggling with substance use disorders and any other psycho-social related cases and refer individuals appropriately for individualized interventions. Trained professional Helpline Counselors provide adequate information on alcohol and drug abuse; offer basic counseling to persons abusing alcohol and other drugs and their affected families and also give informed referrals to treatment or counseling centers for personalized attention to persons abusing alcohol or drugs who can call in day or night. Services offered include Telephone counseling and general information provision, Counseling and referrals on drug and substance abuse issues, Referrals on alcohol and drug abuse health-related issues, and Walk-in clients who need one on one counseling on drug and substance abuse issues. The helpline is available 24hrs a day 7 days a week including on holidays.

Where is NACADA Toll Free Helpline available?

Available nationwide in Kenya

Who does NACADA Toll Free Helpline support?


What languages does NACADA Toll Free Helpline support?


What can I talk to NACADA Toll Free Helpline about?

Accessibility notes

Toll free on Safaricom, Telkom Kenya. Calls to 1192 No charges

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