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Sct. Nicolai Tjenesten


About Sct. Nicolai Tjenesten

DA: Sct. Nicolai Tjenesten tilbyder anonyme og uforpligtende samtaler til dig, som har brug for det. Siden 1957 har vores frivillige i hele landet modtaget opkald fra mennesker, der sidder midt i ensomheden, sorgen eller i en personlig krise. Samtalerne varer typisk omkring en halv time og emnerne er alt mellem himmel og jord.

ENG: The Sct. Nicolai Service offers anonymous and casual conversations for all who need it. Since 1957, our nationwide corps of volunteers have answered phone calls from people in the midst of loneliness, grief or a personal crisis. The conversations usually last around half an hour and the topics vary wildly from one conversation to the next.

Where is Sct. Nicolai Tjenesten available?

Available nationwide in Denmark

Who does Sct. Nicolai Tjenesten support?

Faith based, everyone, and all topics

What languages does Sct. Nicolai Tjenesten support?


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