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Slachtofferhulp Nederland


About Slachtofferhulp Nederland

Victim Support Netherlands supports victims of crime, traffic accidents and calamities. When you overcome something intense, the step towards help is sometimes difficult. For some, the first step is to talk about what happened to you, for others it may be to report it. We are there for you.How we help you and what we can do for you? That depends on what happened and what you need. We help when you want, in a way that suits you: by telephone, face-to-face or via tools and advice on the website. As short as possible, as long as necessary. You can contact us for emotional support, help in the criminal process and support in obtaining compensation for your damages. Our support is always free.

Emotional support and peer groups Everyone reacts differently to a major event. One person has a lot of stress complaints and the other has less. Our employees offer you a listening ear and emotional support. If the complaints persist after a long time and specialized care is required, we can refer you to the right authorities. We also know from experience that it helps many victims to talk about the event with people who have experienced something similar. This is possible in one of our online or physical peer groups.

Practical help If you have damage, you naturally want to be reimbursed for it. We help you map the damage. And advise you on who can compensate for the damage. You may want to get in touch with the perpetrator to get answers to your questions and to give context to the event. Victim Support Netherlands can help you register for recovery mediation. Sometimes victims or surviving relatives unintentionally, unintentionally and unexpectedly become the center of the news. Victim Support Netherlands has a group of media advisors for this purpose: On behalf of the Family. On behalf of the Family, guides and advises on spokespersons and media appearances so that the right statement is given at the right time. To relieve the burden on family and relatives, the media advisor can act as a point of contact for the media, police and other authorities.

Legal help You want to file a report, but how does that actually work? And what happens then? After filing a report, you will end up in criminal proceedings. In the criminal trial, the public prosecutor or judge assesses whether the suspect is guilty of a criminal offense. As a victim you have certain rights at every stage of the criminal process. For example, the right to speak and the right to information about the perpetrator. You can also count on free assistance from Victim Support Netherlands in the criminal proceedings. We give you an overview of the criminal process and help you exercise your rights.

Where is Slachtofferhulp Nederland available?

Available nationwide in Netherlands

Who does Slachtofferhulp Nederland support?


What languages does Slachtofferhulp Nederland support?

Dutch and English

What can I talk to Slachtofferhulp Nederland about?

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