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Sri Lanka Sumithrayo




About Sri Lanka Sumithrayo

Sri Lanka Sumithrayo offers emotional support to those who are lonely, depressed, despairing and in danger of taking their own lives. A team of Volunteers dedicated to suicide prevention are ready to offer their help. Our Rural Programme works in over 120 Villages in the most suicide prone provinces in our country. Volunteers of our Outreach Unit visit Hospitals, elders homes, disability homes, etc. SLS is an affiliate of Befrienders Worldwide and an active member of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)

Where is Sri Lanka Sumithrayo available?

Available nationwide in Sri Lanka

Who does Sri Lanka Sumithrayo support?


What languages does Sri Lanka Sumithrayo support?

English and Sinhala

Accessibility notes

The other Numbers 011 2682570, 0112674436 , 0777 723 696

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