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Alcoholics Anonymous South Africa


About Alcoholics Anonymous South Africa

Alcoholics Anonymous South Africa is dedicated to providing 24/7, free, compassionate and confidential support over phone. We support everyone in South Africa who may be struggling or looking for support with substance use.

When you contact us you will talk with one our friendly and supportive volunteers who are experienced in how to help people in your situation. They will listen to you, unpack your story and feelings, and work with you to help you through your challenges. Anyone may call and get support. We help everyone, regardless of age, gender, religious views, or nationality. We are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. We are always available to talk with you.

Where is Alcoholics Anonymous South Africa available?

Available nationwide in South Africa

Who does Alcoholics Anonymous South Africa support?


What can I talk to Alcoholics Anonymous South Africa about?

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