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Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard


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About Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard

Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard supports LGBTQ+ people across the UK via helpline, email and webchat. You can call us to chat about anything, even if not directly related to gender or sexuality. All of our listening volunteers identify as LGBTQ+ and we never end a call until you're ready to. Our helpline provides you with support and information and will connect you to the right LGBTQ services or advice. You can talk to us confidentially and anonymously about anything that’s on your mind. We support people with a range of questions and we believe that listening can help, whether you are looking for information and support or just need someone to talk to.

Where is Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard available?

Available nationwide in England

Who does Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard support?


What languages does Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard support?


What can I talk to Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard about?

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