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Dominica Red Cross



About Dominica Red Cross

Dominica Red Cross hotline provides support mainly for the physically ill in the provision of medical equipment/aids to include wheelchairs. Those traumatized as a result of crises or disasters Psychosocial Support and welfare assistance are provided to those affected. Ambulance service is also provided on request. Trained volunteers are available in some of our more vulnerable communities to assist community residents. During the pandemic in 2020 the National Society provided support to communities affected or impacted by the pandemic to support livelihood, implementation of educational programmes, provision of hygiene supplies and PSP.

Where is Dominica Red Cross available?

Available in Dominica

Who does Dominica Red Cross support?


What languages does Dominica Red Cross support?


What can I talk to Dominica Red Cross about?

Accessibility notes

. Secondary phone numbers: (767) 448-8280, 440-2483,

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