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Frisk & Fri Eating Disorder Line


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About Frisk & Fri Eating Disorder Line

Do you have disturbing thoughts, feelings around or issues with food, body, weight, exercise and maybe an ongoing eating disorder? You're not alone in your struggle, and it is possible to develop a healthy relationship with food and your body. A first step can simply be to start talking about it. Connect with someone who has faced similar difficulty and has overcome their eating disorder.

Call our Eating disorder helpline to talk with someone who has experience of being sick and getting well. The call is free of charge and anonymous. Frisk och fri is the Swedish national eating disorder association since 1983.

Where is Frisk & Fri Eating Disorder Line available?

Available nationwide in Sweden

Who does Frisk & Fri Eating Disorder Line support?


What languages does Frisk & Fri Eating Disorder Line support?

English and Swedish

What can I talk to Frisk & Fri Eating Disorder Line about?

Accessibility notes

For support in English please call us on Fridays 12.15 pm-1.15 pm. Please dial this number for anyone calling from abroad: 08-121 281

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