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Guernsey Bereavement Service


About Guernsey Bereavement Service

GBS support for those who are experiencing loss and bereavement of any kind. This can be due to the death of a family member, friend, loss of a pet, divorce and any other type of loss we experience in life.

GBS can also support Anticipatory Grief defined as a grief that occurs before begins with when a life threatening illness is diagnosed or a terminal prognosis is given.

We have volunteer listeners and counsellors to join and support you on your Grief Journey .

GBS is a Guernsey Registered Charity and can support anyone in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

We operate by Appointment - please contact us on 01481 257778 to arrange an appointment

GBS is not an emergency service. Please refer to Samaritans if emergency help is needed for 24/7 assistance.

Where is Guernsey Bereavement Service available?

Available nationwide in Guernsey

Who does Guernsey Bereavement Service support?


What languages does Guernsey Bereavement Service support?


What can I talk to Guernsey Bereavement Service about?

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