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Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR)


About Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR)

JAAR is an independent & confidential service helping people to recover from the trauma of sexual violence. We have a helpline, website & onsite counselling with access to qualified and specially trained counsellors and psychotherapists. We’re working to prevent the incidence of rape & sexual assault in Jersey by raising awareness, dispelling the myths surrounding rape & promoting progressive thinking towards survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Our helpline is open most hours of the day and night. Everything you tell us is completely confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of JAAR, we are however not an emergency service. The helpline is manned by trained volunteers.

Where is Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR) available?

Available nationwide in Jersey

Who does Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR) support?


What languages does Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR) support?


What can I talk to Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR) about?

Accessibility notes

Monday to Friday also open 20:00 - 08:00. Support also available via email [email protected]

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