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Kinship Advice Line


About Kinship Advice Line

Kinship Advice Line is dedicated to providing free and confidential support and information by phone. We exist to help people in Wales who may require support with family issues.

When you reach out to us you will talk with one of our trained peers or volunteers who will collaborate with you to find solutions while giving you an empathetic and compassionate ear. They have expertise and understanding in how to help people going through difficulties similar to what you are.

Where is Kinship Advice Line available?

Available nationwide in Wales

What languages does Kinship Advice Line support?


What can I talk to Kinship Advice Line about?

Accessibility notes

National kinship care advice line - we can advise anyone thinking about caring for a relative or friend’s child full time. Our advisers are impartial, non-judgemental and the service is confidential.

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