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Linja e Keshillimit per Gra dhe Vajza



About Linja e Keshillimit per Gra dhe Vajza

The Counselling Line for Women and Girls (CLWG), since 2016, also serves as the singular National Hotline for victims of Gender Based Violence and Domestic Violence in Albania. The centre was established in 1996, with the aim of promoting gender equality, affirming and protecting women’s human rights, providing support to women who have experienced domestic and gender-based violence and their families, working on the education and economic empowerment of women and their children. The CLWG holds that life without violence is a fundamental human right and accordingly provides specialized support to women and girls, encourages individual and institutional response to male violence against women, and contributes to strengthening women’s “networks” and all of civil society.

Where is Linja e Keshillimit per Gra dhe Vajza available?

Available nationwide in Albania

Who does Linja e Keshillimit per Gra dhe Vajza support?


What can I talk to Linja e Keshillimit per Gra dhe Vajza about?

Accessibility notes

Numri alternativ: 04 22 33 408 Alternative number: 0422 33 408

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