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Te Guío


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About Te Guío

Te Guío is a helpline that provides guidance about harmful sexual behaviors in children and adolescents. Who can contact us? Parents, caregivers, teachers, minors... anyone can write or call us!

We know that it takes a lot of courage to talk about these issues. That's why in Te Guío you will find…

-A space to talk confidentially and free of charge about your behaviors or the behaviors of an adolescent towards children and the concerns you have about it. -Specialized guides to give you information and guidance on these issues that may be difficult for you to talk about. -Resources and possible routes to resolve your concerns and worries.

Where is Te Guío available?

Available nationwide in Colombia

Who does Te Guío support?

Parents and children

What languages does Te Guío support?

English and Spanish

What can I talk to Te Guío about?

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