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About Teenergizer

We are a youth-led Ukrainian organization whose model and focus is to empower young people to protect their health and exercise their human rights. Created in 2014 in response to the acute gap in services for vulnerable young people in Ukraine and young Ukrainians living with HIV, Teenergizer is led and staffed by young people in Ukraine. Teenergizer is responsive to the changing needs of young people, which have dramatically changed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Currently Teenergizer is providing psycho-social support to adolescents and young people of 12 to 25 years old 7 days per week from 9 am to 23 pm EST on our website. We are maintaining a system of youth-friendly peer-to-peer online counseling provided by trained young psychologists, where adolescents access these services via our website. We have provided free counseling for over 26,000 adolescents and young people, the majority of which are Ukrainians affected by the war, and we will continue to support them during the crisis of their lives.

Our main topics for counseling are:

  • Depressive state and anxiety (we do not offer medical diagnoses)
  • Personal relationships (friendship, love, relations with parents)
  • Sexual education
  • HIV
  • Bullying

Where is Teenergizer available?

Available nationwide in Ukraine

Who does Teenergizer support?

Youth, children, and lgbtq+

What languages does Teenergizer support?

Russian and Ukrainian

Accessibility notes

Possible delay for 30 minutes-2 hours in response within evening hours due to high workload of the chat. We are doing our best to reply as soon as possible during the high workload of the chat! In our chat we provide an option for clients to put their available emails while sending requests in our chat. If you are not able to wait in the chat - you can always leave your email, so that we will be able to duplicate our answer and continue the chat via email.

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