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TelVerde Antisuicid


About TelVerde Antisuicid

Telefonul Verde Antisuicid al Alianței Române de Prevenție a Suicidului oferă sprijin sufletesc anonim și confidențial pe bază de voluntariat persoanelor cu vârsta de 18 ani împliniți cu gânduri și comportamente suicidare. Nu vă refuzați ziua de mâine!

English translation: The TelVerde Antisuicid phone line provides volunteer-based heart to heart support to persons who are at least 18 years of age and struggle with suicidal thoughts and behaviours. Say yes to YOUR tomorrow!

Where is TelVerde Antisuicid available?

Available nationwide in Romania

Who does TelVerde Antisuicid support?

Adults and youth

What languages does TelVerde Antisuicid support?


What can I talk to TelVerde Antisuicid about?

Accessibility notes

The crisis line is volunteer-based, anonymous and confidential. Persons who struggle may email us at any time at [email protected] which is available 24/7

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