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The Compassionate Friends


About The Compassionate Friends

The Compassionate Friends is dedicated to providing free and confidential support and information over the phone. We exist to help bereaved parents, adult siblings and grandparents in the United Kingdom who may be struggling or looking for support with grief & loss.

When you contact us you will talk with one of our friendly and supportive peers or volunteers who are experienced in how to help people in your situation. They will listen to you, unpack your story and feelings, and work with you to help you through your challenges.

Where is The Compassionate Friends available?

Available nationwide in United Kingdom

Who does The Compassionate Friends support?


What languages does The Compassionate Friends support?


What can I talk to The Compassionate Friends about?

Accessibility notes

Our helpline is open every day of the year from 10 - 4pm and from 7 - 10pm - cost of a local call

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