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The Lifeline 1564


About The Lifeline 1564

Embrace operates the National Lifeline in Lebanon (1564) for Emotional Support and Suicide Prevention Hotline, in partnership with the National Mental Health Programme at the Ministry of Public Health. On average, one person loses their life to suicide every 2.1 days, and on average, one person attempts suicide every 6 hours in Lebanon. The topic of suicide remains one that is a taboo in Lebanon, preventing hundreds from reaching out to support. Because Talking Saves Lives, the National Lifeline is a preventive tool that offers an anonymous service for anyone who is in emotional distress or thinking of suicide through:

Immediate emotional support and psychological crisis intervention Assessment of suicide risk and de-escalation of suicidal crises Orientation to community-based resources close to where the caller lives

Where is The Lifeline 1564 available?

Available nationwide in Lebanon

Who does The Lifeline 1564 support?

Everyone and lgbtq+

What languages does The Lifeline 1564 support?

Arabic and English

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