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About Child Helpline 116111

Child helpline 116111 is a toll free line for children and teenagers who need psychological support in different crisis situations. Helpline consultants also talk to parents who need support and advice on different questions regarding children and their emotional wellbeing. Child Helpline consults specialists (for example - school psychologists) regarding questions connected to children. Bērnu un pusaudžu Uzticības tālrunis 116111 ir bezmaksas numurs, kurš sasniedzams visu diennakti. Zvanot uz 116111, psihoemocionālu atbalstu var saņemt bērni un pusaudži, kuri nonākuši krīzes situācijās, kā arī vecāki un speciālisti gadījumos, kad jautājumi saistīti ar bērniem.

Where is Child Helpline 116111 available?

Available nationwide in Latvia

Who does Child Helpline 116111 support?

Parents and children

What languages does Child Helpline 116111 support?

English, Latvian, and Russian

Accessibility notes

Web chat is available Monday - Friday from 12:00 - 20:00.

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