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About Children 1st Parentline

At Children 1st Parentline we believe that all children have the right to be cared for and loved in their own families and communities, where they are safe. We believe that the best way to realise this right is to provide early help and support, working together alongside families to ensure that children feel safe, happy, secure and nurtured at home.

We build trusting relationships with families because we believe this supports families to be stronger, makes children safer and communities more resilient. We provide both practical and emotional help so that families can find their own solutions to problems. By helping families understand the root causes of their difficulties, they are very often able to overcome these and this prevents them reaching a point of crisis.

Children 1st Parentline is a national digital family support service which provides one easy point of immediate access for families to receive a range of support bespoke to them, to help them cope with the challenges they face whether practical or emotional. Parentline has over 20 years of experience of supporting parents and carers and its aim is to be there for families, forging relationships of trust so they can turn to us at times of pressure and overwhelm. Through our relationships with parents and carers, Parentline supports whole families to be resilient and stronger to prevent their situations escalating.

Where is Children 1st Parentline available?

Available nationwide in Scotland

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