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LGBT Foundation Helpline

0345 330 3030


About LGBT Foundation Helpline

LGBT Foundation helpline provides thousands of hours of support and advice to thousands of people every year, many who feel like they have nowhere else to turn. The helpline has been running for 45 years, and is staffed by a team of dedicated staff and volunteer operators all of whom receive extensive training and support.

Is there something on your mind? • We are here to offer support and advice on a range of topics. Our service is non-judgement, and we are here to talk through whatever is on your mind. • Struggling with your mental health? • Feeling lonely or isolated? • Thinking about coming out? • Questioning your gender identity? • Want some information about sexual health or where to find sexual health testing? • Being harassed at work because of your sexual orientation or gender identity? • Need to report a hate crime? • Want to know about our services or what support is available in your local area?

We understand how anxious you might feel reaching out for support. When you call, you will find someone on the other end of the line with a friendly voice and a listening ear. Call us on 0345 3 30 30 30 or email [email protected]

Where is LGBT Foundation Helpline available?

Available nationwide in United Kingdom

Who does LGBT Foundation Helpline support?


What languages does LGBT Foundation Helpline support?


What can I talk to LGBT Foundation Helpline about?

Gender & sexual identity
Trauma & PTSD

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