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Lifeline Childlline Zambia



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About Lifeline Childlline Zambia

We have professionally trained telephone counsellors assisting children and youths deal with a variety of psychosocial issues affecting them.we operate 24 hr basis and also reach out to children through our social media pages such as facebook,twitter and instagram.We also do case management and refer our clients to other relevant service providers who are able to assist them at a local level.We also have counsellors who speak French,swahili,Arabic,Amharic and Lingala.

Where is Lifeline Childlline Zambia available?

Available nationwide in Zambia

Who does Lifeline Childlline Zambia support?

Youth and children

What languages does Lifeline Childlline Zambia support?


What can I talk to Lifeline Childlline Zambia about?

Accessibility notes

Child Helpline Zambia is a toll free service across all telephone Networks in Zambia it aim at protecting children and focusing on Gender Balance Violence.

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