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Lifeline Johannesburg



About Lifeline Johannesburg

LifeLine Johannesburg provides counselling and connects with people, giving them the tools they need to better handle stress and improve their emotional health. LifeLine is rooted in its capacity to encourage and enable volunteers to provide a service of caring and offering support to people in distress. There is a powerful sense of altruism and neighbourly love that permeates the fabric of our organisation. At LifeLine we truly live our values of tolerance and operating in a non directive and empathetic mode. These virtues permeate everything we do.

Where is Lifeline Johannesburg available?

Available in South Africa

Who does Lifeline Johannesburg support?


What languages does Lifeline Johannesburg support?

English, Southern Sotho, Tswana, Xhosa, and Zulu

What can I talk to Lifeline Johannesburg about?

Accessibility notes

Local number: 011 728 1347. WhatsApp support available on 065 989 9238.

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