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SOSAD Ireland


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About SOSAD Ireland

We support people from age 16+. No problem is too small to talk to us about. We’re here to listen and guide you to take the next step to getting help.

SOSAD Ireland provides free support for clients in several ways: A Safe & Comfortable place to talk and be listened to Initial Meeting Professional Counselling Young People Matter Groups Bereavement Support Follow-up Support 24/7 helpline Messaging Service (8pm to 12pm) Referral to most appropriate Support Service available

Where is SOSAD Ireland available?

Available nationwide in Ireland

Who does SOSAD Ireland support?


What languages does SOSAD Ireland support?


Accessibility notes

Alternative phone +35 3419848754 We have six offices based in Cavan, Louth, Meath, Monaghan, and Laois from which we provide our services.  Our messaging support service is available from 8pm to 12 am daily.

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