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Youthworks 24-Hour Crisis Line (Fargo-Moorhead)


About Youthworks 24-Hour Crisis Line (Fargo-Moorhead)

Youthworks serves youth ages 12-17 throughout the state of ND for runaway and homeless services. Our helpline is available 24/7. Our support comes from a variety of sources including units of government (state, city, county, and Federal), foundations, fees, schools, courts, and local fundraising. United Way provides funding for some of Youthworks’ programs in both Bismarck-Mandan and Fargo-Moorhead.

Where is Youthworks 24-Hour Crisis Line (Fargo-Moorhead) available?

Available in United States

Who does Youthworks 24-Hour Crisis Line (Fargo-Moorhead) support?

All topics and youth

Accessibility notes

Press 2 during message. Counties served: Fargo-Moorhead

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