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About OutLine

OutLine provides free, compassionate and confidential rainbow peer-support over phone and online chat. We exist to help everyone, the LGBTQ+ community in New Zealand who may need emotional support with bullying, gender & sexual identity, loneliness, parenting, relationships, school or work issues, supporting a friend or family member.

When you reach out to us you will talk with one of our friendly and supportive peers or volunteers who will collaborate with you to find solutions while giving you an empathetic and compassionate ear. They have expertise and understanding in how to help people going through difficulties similar to what you are. Anyone may call and get support. We help everyone, regardless of age, gender, religious views, or nationality.

Where is OutLine available?

Available nationwide in New Zealand

Who does OutLine support?


What languages does OutLine support?


What can I talk to OutLine about?

Gender & sexual identity
Supporting others

Accessibility notes

The 0800 number is free to call and the chat service is free, as long as you have an internet connection.

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