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About Samaritans of Singapore

Samaritans of Singapore Limited (SOS) is a secular, non-profit suicide prevention centre. Since its establishment in 1969, SOS has developed into a professionally run and managed organisation. It adopts a holistic approach to suicide-related topics, focusing on prevention, intervention and postvention, an intervention conducted after a suicide for loved ones and friends. With the mission to be an available lifeline to anyone in crisis, SOS offers emotional support to people in crisis, thinking of suicide, or affected by suicide. All information shared with SOS is treated as confidential and people can choose to remain anonymous.

24-hour Hotline: 1767 24-hour CareText: 9151 1767 (via WhatsApp) CareMail: [email protected]

Where is Samaritans of Singapore available?

Available nationwide in Singapore

Who does Samaritans of Singapore support?

All topics and everyone

What languages does Samaritans of Singapore support?


Accessibility notes

24-hour Hotline: 1767, 24-hour CareText: 9151 1767 (via WhatsApp)

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