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Befrienders Ipoh


About Befrienders Ipoh

Befrienders Ipoh is a suicide prevention hotline that provides emotional support by listening to anyone who is in distress and having suicidal thoughts. No problem is too small to talk to us. We are here to offer you a listening ear and you can be assured that all of our conversations are confidential. Our hotline operates 1pm to 10pm daily. We are manned by a team of volunteers who went through vigorous training to prepare them for hotline work. Hotline service does not necessarily solve all problems but we do support callers emotionally and journey with them the current predicament they are facing. If needed, we will refer callers to professionals who may offer further help.

Where is Befrienders Ipoh available?

Available in Malaysia

Who does Befrienders Ipoh support?


What languages does Befrienders Ipoh support?

English and Malay

What can I talk to Befrienders Ipoh about?

Accessibility notes

Additional number: 605 5477955

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