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About ConnecTeen

If you need support, we’re here for you. If you’re worried about someone overhearing you, or it’s too hard to say out loud, you can write it down in chat, email or text.

We know there are some things you can’t talk to an adult about and there’s probably a lot of things your friends don’t get about you. We can connect you with a peer who understands your unique situation and can help talk you through your issues. We don’t judge. We are here to listen. Our service is confidential so no one needs to know you contacted us.

If you ever have a question, a problem or just need to talk, we’re here for you, 24 hours a day. Peer support is available from 3-10pm on weekdays and 12-10pm on weekends.

Outside of peer support hours, adult volunteers respond to contacts.

Where is ConnecTeen available?

Available in Canada

  • Alberta

Who does ConnecTeen support?


What languages does ConnecTeen support?


What can I talk to ConnecTeen about?

Abuse & domestic violence
Eating & body image
Gender & sexual identity
Pregnancy & abortion
Trauma & PTSD
School & work
Sexual abuse
Substance use
Supporting others
Grief & loss
Physical illness

Accessibility notes

Phone, Text and Chat are available 24/7. If a youth in crisis is wanting to speak to a ConnecTeen (youth) volunteer, they are available, Monday to Friday, 1500 - 2200 and Saturday to Sunday and Stat Holidays 1200 -2200 MT.

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