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About Life Line Association Malaysia

我们为马来西亚的任何人提供关于焦虑、家庭、人际关系、压力和自杀等主题的免费支持。 我们旨在帮助他人,增强公众的自助和求助意识。 我们致力于实现“走向无自杀社会”的愿景。 30年来,我们陪伴 34,000 多人度过难关。 今天,我们的组织拥有 200 名受过专业培训的志愿者,他们在马来西亚的各个社区提供我们的服务——包括咨询、游戏治疗、成长小组、心理教育和社会福利。

English translation: We provide free support to anyone in Malaysia with topics such as anxiety, family, relationships, stress and suicide. We aim to help others and enhance the public's awareness of self-help and asking for help. We are committed to implementing the vision of "towards a suicide-free society". For 30years, we have accompanied more than 34,000 lives through difficult times. Today, our organization has 200 professionally trained volunteers who provide our services – including counselling, play therapy, growth groups, psycho-education and social welfare – across various communities in Malaysia.

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What languages does Life Line Association Malaysia support?

Chinese, English, and Malay

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Operation Hours: [ MORNING ] Monday to Friday 10am-12pm [ AFTERNOON ] Monday to Friday 2pm-4pm (except Tuesday) ; Saturday 2.30pm-5.30pm [ NIGHT ] Monday to Friday 6pm-10pm

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