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Life Line Association Malaysia


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About Life Line Association Malaysia


We are a non-religious NGO registered in 1993, working to assist individuals affected by social and psychological issues through emotional support and community based preventive programs. We consist of more than 200 professionally trained volunteers dedicated to provide services such as helpline, counselling, play therapy, psychoeducation, and organising developmental group activities & charitable events to the community. The "95 Spirit" is the core of our service. "95" is derived from the phrase "help me" in Mandarin, promoting the awareness of [self-help] and [seeking help].

Who does Life Line Association Malaysia support?


What languages does Life Line Association Malaysia support?

Chinese, English, and Malay

What can I talk to Life Line Association Malaysia about?

Accessibility notes

Every Friday night, we provide late-night helpline service (011-5779 5803 / 011-5779 5813) from 10.30pm to 1.30am

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