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Linka dôvery Nezábudka


About Linka dôvery Nezábudka

Linka dôvery Nezábudka poskytuje služby dištančného psychologicko - sociálneho poradenstva a krízovej intervencie primárne pre dospelých, v súlade so štandardmi pre poskytovanie týchto služieb.

English translation: Nezabudka helpline provides distance psychological - social counseling and crisis intervention services primarily for adults, in accordance with the standards for the provision of these services.

Where is Linka dôvery Nezábudka available?

Available nationwide in Slovakia

Who does Linka dôvery Nezábudka support?

Adults, lgbtq+, men, seniors, and women

Accessibility notes

bezplatná služba, bez časového limitu hovoru free service, no time limit of contact

Illustration of two people inside separate phones working together to bandage a wounded heart, representing online empathy

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