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Manaaki Tāngata | Victim Support

0800 842 846


About Manaaki Tāngata | Victim Support

Manaaki Tāngata | Victim Support is here 24/7 for people directly affected by crime, suicide and traumatic events, including their whānau and witnesses. We support people to feel informed, empowered, safe and able to cope with the impact.

We provide tailored, immediate and short-term emotional support, practical assistance, information and referrals to other agencies, plus support through the criminal justice system.

Our support is free and available even if you don’t report the crime to the Police.

Where is Manaaki Tāngata | Victim Support available?

Available nationwide in New Zealand

Who does Manaaki Tāngata | Victim Support support?


What languages does Manaaki Tāngata | Victim Support support?


What can I talk to Manaaki Tāngata | Victim Support about?

Abuse & domestic violence
Trauma & PTSD
Sexual abuse
Supporting others
Grief & loss

Accessibility notes

If English is not your primary language, Victim Support can use Connecting Now to connect with an interpreter over the phone. Call us on 0800 842 846 and let us know which language you need. Victim Support can also try and match you with a Support Worker who speaks your primary language.

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