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MHAH Compassionate Ear Warmline


About MHAH Compassionate Ear Warmline

MHAH Compassionate Ear Warmline supports individuals who experience loneliness and other mental health barriers, regardless of their sex or gender. We are here to help. Peers also help callers with basic problem solving and finding resources in the community. Calls are answered 9am-9pm daily including weekends and holidays.

A diverse staff of trained peers answers calls; these peers are both staff and volunteers, who work out of their own homes, eliminating the need for transportation to and from a worksite. The Compassionate Ear Warmline typically takes calls from everyone including teenagers; however, we do not take calls from children under 12-13 years old.

Where is MHAH Compassionate Ear Warmline available?

Available in United States

Who does MHAH Compassionate Ear Warmline support?

Adults, warmline, and youth

What languages does MHAH Compassionate Ear Warmline support?


What can I talk to MHAH Compassionate Ear Warmline about?

Accessibility notes

Serviice is free and no referral is needed.

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