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About one2one 1190

The one2one 1190 Hotline has 3 main objectives. First, offer reliable, non-judgmental information on the four thematic areas HIV, Gender-based Violence, Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights and Mental Health. Second, we support this by informing the various service points for these aforementioned thematic areas. Third, we support the referral, follow-up and uptake of these services needed by adolescents and young people (typically aged 10-24 years).

Where is one2one 1190 available?

Available nationwide in Kenya

Who does one2one 1190 support?

Women, deaf & hoh, lgbtq+, and youth

What languages does one2one 1190 support?

English and Swahili

Accessibility notes

Toll-free from any Safaricom line in Kenya. Other networks may access the platforms but at their standard call rates.

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