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Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24/7)


About Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24/7)

The Sexual Assault Crisis Support Line is available 24/7 and answered by Sexual Assault Advocates who are knowledgeable of sexual assault in Manitoba. This line is intended to support folks who have been impacted by sexual violence. This line provides information, access to emotional support and advocacy for callers and others. This line can also connect folks with information about Third Party Reporting of sexual assault for individuals 16 and older. Klinic remains rooted in our core value of social justice for all, recognizing that there are diverse needs and experiences for people who are most impacted by discrimination and oppression that must be addressed.

Where is Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24/7) available?

Available in Canada

Who does Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24/7) support?

Adults, lgbtq+, parents, youth, and indigenous support

What languages does Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24/7) support?


Accessibility notes

Local number: 204-786-8631.

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