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Sneha Suicide Prevention Helpline


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About Sneha Suicide Prevention Helpline

Sneha is a suicide prevention organization in Chennai, India. We offer unconditional emotional support to anyone who could be feeling distressed, depressed or suicidal. No matter what situation you are in, or what choices you have made in your life; if something is bothering you, or weighing you down, you can talk to us about it. We are here to listen to you and to be with you. We offer complete confidentiality to those who reach out to us. You can also choose to remain anonymous while contacting us.

Where is Sneha Suicide Prevention Helpline available?

Available nationwide in India

Who does Sneha Suicide Prevention Helpline support?

All topics and everyone

What languages does Sneha Suicide Prevention Helpline support?

English and Tamil

What can I talk to Sneha Suicide Prevention Helpline about?

Accessibility notes

Webchat hours: 7pm to 1am, 7 days per week. Helpline support is available in Tamil and English. Area code is provided to call from all states across India. Additional no: +91 44 2464 0060.

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