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About time4friends

Time4friends ist eine Beratungsstelle von Jugendlichen für Jugendliche. Unsere ausgebildeten time4friends-Peers engagieren sich in verschiedenen Tätigkeitsfeldern, um anderen Jugendlichen in belastenden Situationen wie Einsamkeit, Streit oder Liebeskummer weiterzuhelfen.

English translation: Time4friends is a counseling center run by young people for young people. Our trained time4friends peers are involved in various fields of activity to help other young people in stressful situations such as loneliness, arguments or lovesickness.

Who does time4friends support?

All topics and youth

What languages does time4friends support?


Accessibility notes

Specifically intended for WhatsApp messaging. Täglich von 18-22 Uhr auf WhatsApp erreichbar (Texting).

Illustration of a woman meeting a caring person, who is in a life-sized phone, to symbolize online support and connection

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